Sandeep Mittal

Sandeep Mittal

Job Title: Founder & Managing Director

Company: Cartesian Consulting

Sandeep is the founder and MD of Cartesian Consulting, a consulting firm specializing in marketing and business analytics headquartered in Mumbai, India.

An alumnus of the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta, Sandeep has over 17 years of experience advising clients across industries on their Customer and Marketing Analytics initiatives. He has been a driving force in the development of an analytics practice across client engagements ranging from large Telecom organizations, retail brands with hundreds of stores, online businesses, financial services companies, luxury hotels and resorts, and restaurant chains.

Sandeep is considered amongst the leading practitioners when it comes to using data to drive customer and marketing decisions and is a regular speaker and contributor on the topic. His favorite areas revolve around – customer lifetime value, marketing spend attribution, pricing and margin optimization, segment of one which has led the industry to recognize him as a thought leader and influencer. Right now, he is spending time with his engineering team in building out Cartesian’s first, subscription based, AI product, aimed at improving effectiveness of marketing communication.

With Cartesian he has built an organisation that has a global presence with clients in more than 10 countries. Cartesian today has a ML/ AI practice, a Digital Analytics practice, an Innovations Lab, and is building solutions that help embed analytics seamlessly into client organisations.

Speaking at the following:

12:10 - 12:35
Presentation: The Analytics Behind Segment of One Strategies

Marketers know they need to put their CRM initiatives on steroids by going hyper personalized, automated, and driven by AI and ML. This session focuses on the Analytics that makes such initiatives work. What algorithm and infrastructure choices can speed up SOO initiatives, where AI can and can’t be applied, how ROI may be measured,… Read more.