Nikolay Novozhilov

Nikolai Novozhilov

Nikolay Novozhilov

Job Title: formerly Chief Data Scientist, & currently Head of Digital Products

Company: NTUC Link

Nikolay Novozhilov is a Head of Digital Products at NTUC Link, one of the largest and most successful consumer rewards program in Singapore. Nikolay worked as a Chief Data Scientist as Wego. He is using advanced statistics and machine learning techniques to create business value from data. He is a strong believer in machine learning and Big Data as a way to build great products. Nikolay holds an MBA degree from INSEAD

Speaking at the following:

10:00 - 10:25
Keynote Presentation: ‘Data Beats Algorithms!’ – Machine Learning in Practice

How machine learning can improve the business. Supporting insight with the right data. The implication of the current advancements on the future of your business.