Deepika Nangia

Deepika Nangia

Job Title: Head of Data India

Company: Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)

Deepika is setting up the India arm of data management function for the Chief Data Office, Royal Bank of Scotland. She started setting up this team in June 2017, and has formally been appointed as business unit head in December. Prior to this she headed the Risk Change function for Investment bank arm of RBS and was the BCBS239 India Lead. She has worked primarily in the financial services sector and prior to joining RBS, was at Fidelity for about a decade where she led many transformation and transition programs. She is a passionate about Diversity and Inclusion as a cause and would like to make a difference through dialogue and engagement.

Speaking at the following:

12:05 - 12:40
Discussion Group: Women & Diversity in Data

What role does mentoring and coaching have in encouraging more women into data? Thoughts on how we keep women in data. Beyond the workplace, let’s talk about what initiatives we are doing to encourage budding female leaders.

15:35 - 16:00
Keynote Presentation: Why a Strong CDO Can Be the Best Step Towards Regulatory Compliance

This session will be exploring the elements that will help the intertwined journey between data and ever-burgeoning regulations. Overlapping requirements and associated challenges. Establishing data policy and data strategy. Ensuring ongoing compliance with regulations. Aligning data policy with strategic objectives.