Day 1


09:00- 09:25

International Keynote Presentation: How to Navigate and Advance in the Data Centric World

The disruption of AI will accelerate, only those embracing it will be successful. This session focuses on the work being done in the field of AI and ML at a multinational electronics company.

Unmesh Kurup
Senior Manager AI and Machine Learning - LG Electronics

09:25- 09:50

Presentation: Platform Assets and Applied Artificial Intelligence – Transformation Enablers for a Brave New World

A massive business transformation is under way as organizations increasingly harness data assets, and power of analytics to inform and improve key strategic decisions. Are you making the best business decisions? Because if you are not, then someone else will be.  In this session, Dr. Kirti will discuss: How should be the data journey? How is… Read more.

Dr. Kirti Jain
Head of Insights & Data - Capgemini

09:50- 10:25

Keynote Data Leaders Panel: Pioneers – Small Steps…Giant Leaps. How to Operationalise and Monetise by Putting Data to Work!

To gather enough momentum to deliver truly exceptional results that create competitive advantage, new business opportunities and deliver effective customer experience, strong data-centric leaders are required to spearhead a data enabled organisation. Design and deliver: How to drive data-centric transformation of the business; Communicate: Strategies to motivate business leaders to ensure data analytics is integral… Read more.

Dr. Michael Fung
Group Director (Training Partners Group), Chief Human Resource Officer, and Chief Data Officer - SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG)
Deep Thomas
Chief Data & Analytics Officer - Aditya Birla Group
Dr. Ghim-Eng Yap
Head (Specialist Analytics & Visualisation Office) - Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)
TC Gan
Senior Director of Customer Consulting - Tableau Software Asia Pacific

10:25- 10:50

Presentation: Don’t Let Data Science Become a Scam

Seth Dobrin
Vice President and Chief Data Officer - IBM Analytics (Global)

11:20- 11:45

Keynote Presentation: Data Science & AI in the Public Sector

At GovTech data scientists apply big data to public policy, addressing issues as diverse as train breakdowns, customer segmentation for public services and topic modelling of customer feedback. This session will demystify the role of AI in informing public policy.  


11:45- 12:10

Keynote Presentation: Becoming an Insight-Driven Organisation

Stephen Hitchcock
Regional Head of Data and Analytics, APAC & EMEA - Citi

12:10- 12:35

Presentation: The Analytics Behind Segment of One Strategies

Marketers know they need to put their CRM initiatives on steroids by going hyper personalized, automated, and driven by AI and ML. This session focuses on the Analytics that makes such initiatives work. What algorithm and infrastructure choices can speed up SOO initiatives, where AI can and can’t be applied, how ROI may be measured,… Read more.

Sandeep Mittal
Founder & Managing Director - Cartesian Consulting

12:35- 13:10

Keynote Panel Discussion: The Art of Building High Performing Data Analytics Teams

Recruiting the best fit for your organisation, whilst keeping diversity in mind; How to structure a team for success – what is the key mix of attributes and characteristics you need for a first-class analytics team? Nurturing: how to challenge your team intellectually, fostering growth, trust and confidence; Growing talent: what are the best training… Read more.

Prabhat Singh
Sr. Director & Head of Analytics - Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa - GlaxoSmithKline
Roy Goh
Director, Data Science, Information & Analysis - Merck, Sharp & Dohme


14:10- 14:45

Discussion Group: From Zero to Hero: Raw Data to Ready Information in 20 Minutes

Joining the dots across different data sources and extracting value out of data Improving data literacy of the entire organization – turning business users into data ninjas Finding hidden opportunities in your data

Callum Finlayson
Regional Director APJ - Paxata

14:45- 15:20

Discussion Group: How to Frame Your Architecture for Innovation and Develop the Ecosystem around Data

Digital transformation has allowed organisations to instrument their businesses to a much higher degree.  Rather than data silos of the past, introducing a modern data platform can facilitate a centralised data hub, opening doors to broader and deeper analytics, revealing insights and introducing machine learning pipelines to forecast the future.  Unlocking the full potential of… Read more.

Graham Gear
Senior Director, Systems Engineering, APAC - Cloudera

15:20- 15:55

Discussion Group: Navigating Data Quality, Data Standards, Reference Data, and Setting Golden Sources

Mohammed Rahim
Head - Data Governance & Policy - Standard Chartered Bank
Subramanian Venkataraman
Director, COO Chief Data Office, Head of Data Governance Policies - Deutsche Bank


14:10- 14:45

Presentation: Improving Organisational Performance through your Data Analytics Strategies

Deploying Global Big Data strategy roadmaps across 16 countries in APAC and EMEA. Identifying where machine learning and artificial intelligence will add business value. Leveraging data to inform the customer experience.

Roberto Ramires Pinson Citi
Roberto Ramirez Pinson
Global Data Strategy & Regulatory Risk Reporting - Citi

14:45- 15:20

Presentation: Driving Data – “Data by Design Culture”

Data Driven culture: What, why, how, who, where, when. Data Governance: No Big Bang, but smarter approach. AI, RPA and ML: Data by Design is critical. Acceptable Data Use: Privacy, ethical and social obligations.

Ram Kumar
Ram Kumar
Global Head of Data Strategy & Governance and, SVP & Head of Data & Analytics for Emerging Markets - QBE Insurance

15:20- 15:55

Presentation: Achieving Efficiency and Scale with a Modern Data Platform

Digital transformation is a must have for organizations today, and IT modernization is the first stepping stone. Getting rid of the data silos and creating business transparency and agility requires organizations to completely rethink how they are managing their data across their enterprise and ecosystem. In this session, you’ll learn how to: Balance scalability and… Read more.

Abhishek Parolkar
Strategic Customer Relationship Manager - Talend
Deddy Johari
Director (Data Analytics and Middleware) - iZeno

16:25- 16:50

Keynote Presentation: Leveraging Data for Competitive Advantage and Smarter Decision Making – Using Everything in your Business Leader Armoury

Sharing how advanced analytics have enabled a better understanding of customers and their behaviours, driven revenue and improve services. Harnessing competitive intelligence to progress. Fostering creative ideas for using analytics to drive business value. How benefits to the organisation have been realised, communicated and built upon.

Deep Thomas
Chief Data & Analytics Officer - Aditya Birla Group

16:50- 17:15

Keynote Presentation: Transforming your Organisation for Data- A Story of DBS’ Digital Transformation

While data has become an integral part of almost every business, especially for digital native companies, few established companies have managed to recalibrate themselves into a data-driven company. During this session, Paul Cobban shares his insights on DBS’ transformation journey towards an agile and more data-driven organisation and the change management programme behind driving data… Read more.

Paul Cobban
Chief Data & Transformation Officer, Managing Director, Group Technology & Operations - DBS Bank

17:15- 17:40

International Keynote Address: Utilising Data Strategy, Analytics and Data Science

Drawn to data: Analytics as a lens for change. Exploring the ways to convert data into actionable insights – distilling the customer’s voice to inform and improve products. Examining the ways in which you can learn from mistakes and overcome roadblocks to develop more mature analytic cultures.

Kimitaka Nakazawa
Chief Data Officer/Data Scientist - Anypay JP