Ujjyaini Mitra

Ujjyaini Mitra

Ujjyaini Mitra

Job Title: Head Analytics, AVP Strategy

Company: Viacom18 Media INDIA

Speaking at the following:

12:40 - 14:10
Roundtable Luncheon: Women and Diversity in Data

Join a select group for this inspiring discussion around creating a high performing workforce for now and the future. Learn how an environment of inclusivity and diversity not only allows people to flourish but is also crucial in solving today’s business problems. Ujjyaini Mitra will open the discussion with her insights on the challenges and opportunities of diversity initiatives. Seats… Read more.

13:25 - 14:00
Discussion Group: Are you a Future Chief Data Officer?

CDO vs. CAO vs. CDAO – what’s the difference and what is right for your business? Role definition – discussing the ways in which responsibilities are divided up amongst the c-suite. Where are the overlaps and uncertainties, and how can this be clarified? To whom should the CDO report? And what impact can this have… Read more.

15:30 - 16:05
Discussion Group – The Importance and Challenges of Analytical Understanding and Education within your Organisation

Top to bottom analytical understanding – promoting understanding for non-quantitative mangers, and why this matters to your business. Identifying and framing the analytical problem correctly, promoting cross disciplinary partnerships and encouraging quantitative people to work with not quantitative people to promote understanding. Understanding different types of data and analytics and their implications. What strategies can… Read more.