Day 1


08:50- 09:00

Chair’s Opening Remarks

Dr Shonali Krishnaswamy
Professor and Deputy Director of Data Science Research Institute - Swinburne University of Technology

09:00- 09:15

Audience Interactive Icebreaker: What does Data Analytics Mean for your Organisation?

A meet-your-peers session exploring perceptions on the value of data analytics to your organisation.

09:40- 10:05

International Keynote Presentation: Harnessing Data for Gains in Performance, Productivity, Cost Savings, and Revenue Enhancement

Driving the data agenda across the enterprise. How to drive business gains from data. Aligning and supporting speed of operational improvements with changes in mindsets and behaviours. Sharing experiences on the journey to date, challenges, wins and future direction.

Haile Owusu
Chief Data Scientist - Mashable USA

10:05- 10:30

Making Data Talk – Converting Complexity into Simplicity

Promoting an analytically driven culture within your business. The art of storytelling – why this skill is so important for your team. What tools are available to help data and analytics proliferation throughout the business? Visualisation and self-service analytics discussed.

10:30- 11:00

Coffee & Networking

11:00- 11:25

Keynote Presentation: Data Governance – How to Thrive on it!

Why must Data be governed? What functions and facets is it made up of? How does Data Governance help to accelerate? Why is it not optional!  

Subramanian Venkataraman
Director, COO Chief Data Office & Head of Data Governance Policies - Deutsche Bank AG

11:25- 12:00

Keynote Panel Discussion: Data Driven Leaders

To gather enough momentum to deliver truly exceptional results that create competitive advantage, new business opportunities and deliver effective customer experience, strong data-centric leaders are required to spearhead a data enabled organisation. Design and deliver: How to drive data-centric transformation of the businesses. Communicate: Strategies to motivate business leaders to ensure data analytics is integral… Read more.

Haile Owusu
Chief Data Scientist - Mashable USA
Mayeth (Teresa) Condicion
Chief Data Officer & Co-Founder - SnapCart
Martin Pickrodt
Chief Data Officer - Mesitis
Miao Song
Chief Information Officer & Vice President ASPAC - Johnson & Johnson

12:00- 12:25

Keynote Presentation: Details to be Announced

Mohit Das
Vice President, Global Marketing Analytics and Effectiveness - Kellogg Company

Interactive Discussion Groups

Two 45-minute Discussion Groups running concurrently, hosted by 2-4 expert co-chairs. These informal discussions encourage everyone to participate and ask the questions they want the answers to. Choose your room and contribute.

Day 1 Track A – Building Data Capability

13:25- 14:00

Discussion Group: Getting the Building Blocks Right – Data Quality, Governance and Centralisation

Assessing the integrity of your data – Understanding how to identify and address the most common causes of enterprise data quality problems and discussing strategies for data cleansing Does the democratisation of data defy governance? How to centralise data and ensure correct formats to enable high value use of data and analytics. Managing the proliferations… Read more.

Mohammed Rahim
Mohammed Rahim
Head- Data Governance & Policy - Standard Chartered Bank
David Colella
General Manager, Data Quality, South East Asia - Experian

14:00- 14:35

Discussion Group: Using Analytics to Drive Customer Experience

Session Details to be Announced Hosted by: Portfolio Partner Verint  

Day 1 Track B – Data Innovation and Application

13:25- 14:00

Discussion Group: Are you a Future Chief Data Officer?

CDO vs. CAO vs. CDAO – what’s the difference and what is right for your business? Role definition – discussing the ways in which responsibilities are divided up amongst the c-suite. Where are the overlaps and uncertainties, and how can this be clarified? To whom should the CDO report? And what impact can this have… Read more.

Martin Pickrodt
Martin Pickrodt
Chief Data Officer - Mesitis
Ujjyaini Mitra
Ujjyaini Mitra
Head Analytics, AVP Strategy - Viacom18 Media INDIA

14:00- 14:35

Discussion Group: Tips for Building Your Analytic Capability

Exploring the challenges that commonly prevent successful implementations and lessons learned. Discussing strategies used to overcome adoption challenges. Strategies for enabling and implementing change.

Abhishek Ghosh
Head Business Intelligence Unit - NTUC Income
Damien Koop
Damien Kopp
Senior Technology Advisor & Former Chief Technology & Innovation Officer - GoSwiff
Arbind Lochan
Head of CRM & Analytics APAC - Uber


13:25- 14:00

Presentation: Self-Service Analytics- Wrong Solution to the Wrong Problem?

Vendors, consultants and industry analysts have heralded self-service analytics as the panacea for low adoption rates of analytics. Despite these claims there has been no significant increase in the adoption rate of analytics. Why is that? This presentation: Examines why self-service analytics has not been a universal solution to low adoption rates for analytics. Identifies when organisations… Read more.

Steve Remington
Principal Consultant and Founder - Minerra

14:00- 14:35

Presentation: How Analytics Drives Decision Support for New Age Banks

Analytic driven models have contributed to measurable uplift to bottom-line. This session will cover the use of analytics to build Score card ( application & behaviour scorecards) for credit decisioning, using RFM model for driving card spends, use of Xsell campaigns with bureau enriched data models in digital 10second loans, use of predictive model to stop value… Read more.

Anand K Sundaram
Head - Credit Intelligence & Analytics - YES Bank INDIA

14:35- 15:05

Coffee & Networking

15:05- 15:30

Keynote Presentation: Effective Frameworks for Data Governance and Quality

Leveraging existing and proven data quality methodology across the new enterprise. Creating a common set of simple and powerful digital customer data quality metrics. Sharing results internally, in a meaningful way for business stewards and leaders.

Ram Kumar
Global Head of Data Strategy & Governance and, Head of Data & Analytics - QBE Insurance

15:30- 16:05

Keynote Interview Session: Privacy and Ethics

Consent, intent and the moving goal posts around data privacy. Compliance and ethics – how much data and analytics is too much? Update: what are the best practices and industry standards for data governance, framework and policy?

Tharishni Arumugam
Regional Privacy Counsel, Asia-Pacific - Aon

16:05- 16:20

Audience Interactive: Data – How to Move from Big Data to Big Value?

Delegates will discuss this key question with their peers in a roundtable format.

16:20- 16:45

Keynote Presentation: From Big Data to Big Value – Building Smarter Organisations

Drawn to data: Analytics as a lens for change. Exploring the ways to convert data into actionable insights – distilling the customer’s voice to inform and improve products. Examining the ways in which you can learn from mistakes and overcome roadblocks to develop more mature analytic cultures.

Yuhui Yao
Group Vice President, Head of Customer Analytics & Behavioural Insights - FWD Insurance

16:45- 16:50

Chair’s Day One Closing Remarks

Dr Shonali Krishnaswamy
Professor and Deputy Director of Data Science Research Institute - Swinburne University of Technology